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We love New Orleans. We love eating. We love to share what we’re eating and the talented people that created those dishes. We’re Eating NOLA.


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Eating NOLA was started in 2015 to spread the joy of good food and great restaurants to the world. It was founded by Anthony Dazet as just a way to show off his current chow, but then grew into something so much more. Early on David Claus and Brian Maurice joined the Eating NOLA team and things have been rocking and rolling! Since then, Anthony has moved out of the area so Brian and David have since taken over and have now added more members to the Eating NOLA group. 


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What’s the Process? 

Have a local restaurant or business you would like to have featured on Eating NOLA. Use the contact form above and someone will be in touch. A member of the team will schedule a time and location that works for everyone involved. If you have a specific time period that you would like the site visit to take place within, keep in mind that we have a calendar that is getting booked up weeks in advance, so the earlier the better! 

Once your visit is scheduled, we will send one or more of our Eating NOLA team members to chow down on what you have to offer. Stories and quick teasers usually go out as we are dining or receiving the featured meals or items, and then we will do a featured post a few days later depending on scheduling. 

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