It's Crawfish Season

It’s what we’ve been waiting all year for! Crawfish season. Check out some of the great places to get ahold of some boiled crawfish this season.

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On a recent Eating NOLA adventure, the guys and I had the pleasure of meeting Sinnidra Taylor and touring the future site of a commissary kitchen and coop that might help catapult some of New Orleans future great chefs.

Ms. Taylor has a dream and we have to say, it’s a pretty amazing dream. Eating NOLA would like to tell you all about that dream.

Imagine a neighborhood in New Orleans which hasn’t seen new renovation since Katrina. Which has no access to fresh food or a close grocery store. Tucked away in this neighborhood is an old building that has some good bones but needs a lot of work. In that building is a woman that has her mind set on making it into a hub for budding culinary artists in the city. She grew up in this neighborhood and her goal is to bring it back to life, along with helping culinary entrepreneurs.

This is where Codey’s Commissary Kitchen and Coop comes in. Codey’s will be a base for culinary artists who are working out of their own home kitchens or haven’t been able to leave other people’s restaurants because of the high costs of start-ups. Codey’s will have a 2000 square foot kitchen with an outdoor eatery. There will be spaces within the kitchen and outdoor areas for rent that entrepreneurs can rent, which is income-based. They will also have access to technical assistance, legal help, and mentorship which will set them on the path to owning their own restaurant or catering business.

Ms. Taylor also spoke of a farmer’s market for the community where local growers can come and sell their fresh produce to the entrepreneurs and the community. I can’t wait to see Codey’s when it’s complete! It is truly going to embody New Orleans and our love of food.

Sinnindria Taylor and her board are currently trying to raise $250,000 to complete the construction of Codey’s. The money will go to renovations and equipment. 

Take a tour of the future Codey’s, if you would like to further their cause, please consider donating.

The less debt that Codey’s accrues the more she can help budding entrepreneurs by keeping rents down. The goal is to keep it affordable. To lift up and allow our artists in the kitchen to flourish and find help to bring New Orleans the next great place to eat!

While touring the future site of Codey’s we had the pleasure of enjoying some food provided by one of Ms. Taylor’s entrepreneurs, Chef Dez. We enjoyed New Orleans-style red beans and rice, with chicken andouille sausage. Louisiana buttermilk fried lobster, with homemade and fresh lemon aioli sauce paired with a jalapeno cornbread muffin. He also sent us home with a meal prep selection with healthy grilled chicken, rice and fresh vegetables with a side strawberry salade and fresh fruit. It was all over the top amazing and we can’t wait to see what Chef Dez can do when he can maximize Codey’s to expand his business!

Find out more about Codey’s and follow Ms. Taylor’s journey to bring forth something really special to the city. You can find them online at their website or via social media: